Reasons for Hope Conference

October 16, 2022

Milan Baptist Church

Hear Hope Confirming Realities! Engage them with Scientific Truth about our World, including Dinosaurs and Fossils and where we really came from!




10:00 am – "Eyewitness History"

Those who disbelieve the Bible have devised another explanation of how we got here without God, and they have been successful in convincing generations that their belief is fact. However, we have an Eyewitness of all of history from the beginning to the end. God told us how He created a perfect earth, but because Adam sinned, we now live in a broken world where all are in need of a Savior. God told us how He judged the earth in a global flood, and then changed the languages of all people, thus scattering them across the earth. Since these are all literal historical events given to us by Someone who was there, we would expect observations in the present to confirm these events. And they do! This talk will conclude with the gospel message and show how this history, starting in Genesis, shows Jesus is the only way.


11:00 am – "The Gathering Storm"

The Gathering Storm addresses the Secular Humanist’s persistent attempt to subvert Christian values and morality, and how we can prepare ourselves and our children for this storm.


5:00 pm – "Science Confirms the Bible"

This talk will explain how the Big bang, life evolving from nothing, and gradual evolution, are not science, but a belief of what happened in the past. Natural selection, which can be seen, actually goes against evolution and confirms what we would expect if God created. While showing the fallacies of evolution, this talk points people to the authority of scripture and the gospel message.


6:30 pm – "How the Bible Changed the World"

Have you ever wondered why Europe and North America have so much freedom and prosperity while so many other areas of the world have struggled for centuries? Some are saying that the West (based on a Judeo-Christian worldview) is rich and powerful because it is so evil and racist. The truth is that the Bible has changed the world. We begin by contrasting the true perspective of reality given to us in the Bible with other worldviews around the world that have kept people in bondage and poverty. We conclude with the worldview clash in America between the Bible and Secular Humanism, and how humanists have been successful in teaching their lies to the younger generations. This false worldview will lead to devastating consequences right here in America. This talk is designed to give a greater appreciation of the importance of the Bible and explain why America is so divided today.

Children's Conference

Grades K through 6


are invited to their OWN conference


during our Reasons for Hope Conference.


10 am, 11 am, 5 pm and 6:30 pm

Note  -  Child care is also offered for birth thru PreK.