HS Grads to 29 year-olds:

No matter what church you go to,

or no church at all . . .

". . . I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

John 10:19B (ESV)

. . . Join us to CONNECT with people & EXPLORE/GROW in what it means to know and walk with Jesus

FRIDAYS at 7:00 p.m.

At the MAC at Milan Baptist Church

1st Friday of each month is a Social Event

3rd Sunday each month: Lunch, 12:30pm Milan Coney Island

  • Social Events: Scavenger Hunts, Game & Movie Nights, Corn Maize & More
  • Service & Outreach: Packing supplies for those in need
  • Weekly Dive into the Bible with discussion
  • Prayer & Worship
  • Retreats
  • Snacks
  • Icebreakers
  • And more!

Join us weekly for a lively activity

+ a time to take a look at the Bible

Service opportunities, retreats, & more!




Upcoming 2022 Real Life Calendar

Friends / Guests / First-timers welcome at all events!

All Friday Events (Socials & Regular Gatherings) Meet at 7:00pm at the MAC unless noted.


1st Friday each month is a social/ fellowship event (unless noted).


3rd Sunday of each month: Lunch at 12:30pm, Milan Coney Island


Friday Night Gathering below is 7-9pm and includes a Meal (often pizza) & icebreaker + Bible Discussion, often with optional board games or other activities to follow. 


August 2022

5    6:30pm: Disc Golf 

      w/ Free Pizza, Bring $2

12  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

19  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

21  Lunch, 12:30pm, Milan Coney

26  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm


September 2022

2    No Meeting (Labor Day Weekend)

9    6:30pm: Putt-putt Golf

      w/ Free Pizza, Bring $5

16  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

18  (Sunday after Church) 

      Join us for the All-Church Picnic!

23  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

30  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm


October 2022

7    7:00pm: Game & Movie Night

      w/ Free Dinner

14  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

16  Lunch, 12:30pm, Milan Coney

21  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

28  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm


November 2022

5   (Sat) All-Church Hayride

11  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

18  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

20  Lunch, 12:30pm, Milan Coney

25  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm   

(Home for Thanksgiving? Join us!)


December 2022

2    Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

9    Friday Night Gathering, 7pm

16  6:30pm: Christmas Party w/ Dinner, Games, Carols, & More

18 Lunch, 12:30pm, Milan Coney

23  No meeting due to Christmas

30  Friday Night Gathering, 7pm


January 2023: Joins us January 6-8 for the  Camp Barakel 

College & Career Retreat!  Register at



Questions?  Feel free to email us below!